Checklist - Intercom

1) Initiating contact

  • Say hello, introduce yourself, ask how they are doing

  • If it is a client, check his previous tickets to see if this is a recurring issue

  • If not, do not ask right away, but be sure to ask for name and email later, so you can communicate properly

    • You know if they are not clients when a placeholder name is in place, suck as “Pink Balloon from Odessa”

2) Assessing the issue

  • If you know the answer for their question, write a comprehensive answer, linking to documentation or website if possible.

  • If you don’t know the answer, try to get more info so you can pass on to proper colleagues - what connector are they using ? Is it SQL ? API ? What query ?

    • Ask as much detail as possible, because this will mean less “ping pong” between the client and the team, if help is needed.

    • Also, further details may show a way for the client to achieve what they wanted with some other function while you test/check the issue. For example, if they are trying to filter data on a loading job to then create a chart, you can ask them to not filter using SQL, go directly to DataViz and filter data there.

3) Asking for help

  • Currently the first people to talk to, by subject, are:

    • Henrique and Valdir for overall product questions

    • João Pedro and Rodrigo de Bem for technical questions

    • João Seixas for machine learning

    • Rodrigo Mestres if it’s related to partners

    • If some of those are unavailable, João Medeiros

    • If none are online Gabriel

    • If none of those are online, @mention them on the related Discord chat channel

    • If in 5 minutes no one answers, tag @slicingdice on “Geral”

    • Remember: Answering clients fast and correctly is more important than not bothering colleagues on chat. If you need to answer a ticket and are not finding answers or people to help, be relentless !

4) Answering the issue

  • Give the answer and ask if they have any more doubts

  • Thank them for their interest and offer a demo for further explanation, if they have interest

    • They can suggest preferred times or book directly through Hubspot

  • Close the ticket when - and only when - it’s been 100% solved

5) Post-support

  • If you did not find the issue in our documentation, communicate with Doc Squad so they can create the content

    • Currently - João Pedro, Juliano, João Seixas (ML), Henrique and Valdir

  • If there is any issue found on the website, communicate to the person who oversees the website

    • Currently - Rodrigo de Bem

  • If there are any broken feature that you immediately notice, communicate to Dev team

    • Currently - João Medeiros

  • In any of the cases above, tag Managers so they can be aware

    • Currently - Natália